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Teaching children and adults are my passion.  I love to make the connection with each and everyone that  comes through the doors of my classroom.  I am well known in the children’s and adult classes for telling stories on myself or about my travels to help people feel as comfortable as possible in a place that they come to learn to be more creative.  I think it is important to be happy, to be open to expression, and interaction with one another. I wish to create a feeling of trust between the students and myself by helping to solve the problems that we encounter when we begin the creative process.   People who draw and paint…see the world through different eyes.  I feel a magic when students young and old make the decision to work because they connect with their heart on the paper.

Painting Portfoio

It is a great joy for me to have a venue to show off my painting portfolio with everyone.  I love to paint and create.  Each piece in my portfolio is available  on canvas, or on fine watercolor paper as a print.   Prices of prints vary depending on size and are calculated by the square inch.  I have a good selection on hand for those looking for a last minute gift and can help with matting and framing if needed.


For people who want to make changes in their home decor.  Sometimes the right color can invigorate a space, tone it down or create a sense of atmosphere.
Often changing “color” can make the biggest difference.  Hanging the pictures in groupings or just in the right spaces can enhance a new furniture arrangement.
Sometimes people do not know where to start.  They are prepared to buy some accessories but they lack a plan.  I like to sit down with people, discuss the family lifestyle…and together decide on a direction to take.  I have a network of people to call on for help, with sewing, carpentry, handyman duties, upholsterer, and painters.  One room at a time, or a whole floor…I work with a artist eye.

Matting and Framing

I began doing matting and framing for myself, so that I could have a hands on experience of taking care of the presentation of my own art work. I frame for students so
that pictures can hang on the wall, not be stored in a drawer or portfolio. It is important for me as an instructor to see the work being appreciated and up on display.
Not every piece of art is made to hang, but if it is hangable…I want to offer the service of creating the possibility. I am always open to new ideas, and have been keen
on making the best possible choice for each piece that comes to me. Large or small, petite point, jerseys or documents. I can cut matts for existing frames, cut glass,
or just help put your look together. I have some frames on hand, and have access to a wide variety of mouldings. Call for an appointment or drop off your piece when you
come to class and we can see what we can do for you

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