home staging

Just out of school, I worked at a home decor store, where I learned to put color schemes together.  I started working in the paint department, learning how to mix the paint, which was done by formulas, but it gave me valuable insight into being able to look at a color and being able to  work out what colorants were used to create it.  This would become invaluable to me when considering color combinations for people.  I took some courses through the design centre and began putting together combinations incorporating draperies, flooring products and upholstery.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with  perspective clients to create  a new and exciting look.

More recently I have been helping friends and family, and friends of friends, create new looks for individual rooms.  I have also worked with builders and new developments from the ground up, choosing lighting flooring and making a color connection with all aspects of the job.

Creative Connecting

I like to sit down and work out a lifestyle plan, and work with the client to figure out what direction they want to take with “the new look”   We begin with color selections from paint chips and sometimes we need to go shopping for drapery fabrics, upholstery, or accessories.  Sometimes I shop with the client, but with direction, some choose to shop for themselves.  I have a network of people I work with, for sewing needs, upholstery and handyman work.

Professional Direction

When I paint, I begin with a white piece of paper.  I add color, shape, and texture,  to create a  harmonious and balanced finished product.  I think of decorating, in much the same way.  Some people find it difficult to visualize the finished product, when making big changes in their home.  I can offer my artistic vision, to help pull things together so that people feel confident in the direction they are taking.

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