Fall Classes 2020

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While we find ourselves in an unprecendented situation with regard to when things will get back to normal, I find myself thinking that we need to keep things as normal as possible so that we have a plan of returning to art class. If we get the go ahead to proceed to phase one, allowing up to fifteen students in one room, then I will be prepared to hear from anyone interested in doing classes this summer to make up the months of April and May that we were unable to plan for our regular classes. I did not want to use the website for signing up for this feature as then it is not available for September sign up. If and when the go ahead to proceed with phase one happens, I think it best if those people who wish to take part in summer class, (whenever that would be,) then I think it best that you eiher call me to confirm (604-854-6348) or email me, (donna@colorconnection.ca) with your name, and email and phone number so I can make separate class list up for summer. If you are wanting to sign up for September, then use the website please. I realize that some of the classes will be different with numbers, and we will need to use our common sense with this. If I have two classes with only three people in tham, clearly I am going to want to amalgamate (just for the summer classes. If I just get your infomration when you show interest, I will be able to sort that out. The same monthly charges as last year for the summer classes and the September classes. For those who paid for the whole year last year, of course I owe you two months and there will be a credit here fo whatever you wish to use it for. I still need to do the $35 deposit fro the September classes so that in fact those spots spoken for can be secured. Should we find ourselves in the situation that there is a reisolation period, (heaven forbid) then we will need to do whatever we need to do. Fortunately we do not live in Quebec or Ontario where the pandemic has been so much more severe, so hopefully we can just slowly return to normal without a hitch. I have heard from many students who really miss class, and I want to move forward in a practical and safe way. So this is what I think is fair for everyone. Of course it is clearly everyone’s choice of how they wish to proceed. I am just giving my point of view in hopes that we share the same thinking. Ultimately everyones safety is the most important factor here. I have enjoyed my time off and been able to complete so many things that I have been wanting to get at for so long. I sincerely hope everyone managed as well as I have in this isolation period. I have missed all of you being part of my week and look forward to being able to see the back end of this virus. Please feel free to contact me with any of your concerns or questions. I think the May first sign up date for September needs to stay the same as we have always done because that is the norm. I hope you can all concur! Heres hoping we can all go back to normal sooner, than later, providing it is safe. d.

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