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$50 / month / artist $55.00 / art kit


I love art!  From my first confusing day, when I didn't know what I was doing, to now being the artist for my family, I find that Miss Donna makes things veary entertaining!  i have met so many people so far!  Everyone wshould go to art class!  Taking on a new challenge or trying something hard is like an adventure.  You learn stuff as well, like the names of famous artists when you paint their pictures.  discussions are so lively and the art is so colorful and beutyfull.  Art is my best place to relax.  I find it so inspiring.
At art, it always makes me feel Relaxed and Happy. Mrs.Donna is always happy and fun.

Kids Registration Information

To simplify registration for the 2013-2014 year, you will be able to sign up at your own convenience through the website. You can also use paypal to pay your deposit and the years registration. Deposits are non refundable, and if you do not want to use paypal, you need to drop off post dated cheques within a week of registering. You will not be registered if you do not pay the deposit. The bookkeeping must be kept separate of classroom activities. When you sign up, you are signing up for your spot for the year. If you prefer to pay in post dated cheques, please hand in all post dated cheques for the year made out for either the first or the fifteenth of the month, within one week of registering.  Students already in the system have first chance to register.  After  May 30th, spots are open to the public.

If you have questions or are having trouble making decisions, please contact me by phone at 604-854-6348 and I will be happy to assist you.

New Registration coming May 1, 2014