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The art room is a positive place…. we do not say CAN’T, we are taught to say…”I will try”. and that is where the magic begins.  Nothing pleases me more than to see when a students eyes show the pride they feel within themselves for a job well done.

Though we look at a piece of art, and appreciate the look of what has been done on the piece of paper, we have to realize that much more has gone on between the artist and the art.  Learning to use the right side of the brain, is sometimes a hurdle and not such an easy thing.  The student is a sponge and needs lots of positive encouragement, before they can let go and begin to enjoy the process.  Great focus needs to take place.  We need to begin listening to our intuition, and once that starts happening, the creative process begins.  Children struggle often with drawing with firm confident rhythmic strokes.  After that starts working, we add color and a paintbrush and see if we can get the color inside the lines.  Struggles come with lots of questions.

The class supports each other with positive compliments and it is wonderful to see children interacting with others with encouraging remarks.  I think there is something magical that happens when children strive for “the look” that they want.  They are keen to realize that their work needs to show effort and they want to feel proud of what they have accomplished.  Everyone works at their own speed and level, and this is what makes it personal and so much fun.  I think there is no greater life skill than to work through struggle by visualizing, follow through by making effort’ and problem solving to learn to always complete what we start.

I work very hard to create projects, that will make each and every student work through these stages, by interpreting the criteria of the project, encouraging personal choices that will stimulate the learning curve, and following through to the best of their ability.  The classroom members provide excellent stimulation that sets the bar, just a little higher every time anyone makes their own personal progress.  Some of the most rewarding moments in my career have been when I  have seen the lightbulb go on for a student, am able to observe the struggle finally melt away, and to be able to witness the love of art is born.

I love the language of my medium – the language of form and color, the melody of working with different personalities.  I will make my language sing and I will sing the truth.

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