About Donna Senft

I am  a self taught artist that has had the priviledge and the advantage of having had plenty of opportunities to travel.  I take hundreds of pictures when I  am away, almost composing as I go.  I have had the fortunate experience of delighting in almost everything I choose to photograph and I never run out of subject matter that interests me.  I have travelled through different parts of France at three different times of my life, and I have also visited Italy several times.  I love the character, and the architecture of the European countries, and given the opportunity,  I would travel there at the drop of a hat.  I love the challenge of the language and though I am certainly not fluent in either language,  I seem to manage to just get by.  It tickles me to see places and imagine how many other people have searched through back alleyways and down cobblestone lanes only to discover more amazing sights.  I  love being able to  see through artist eyes and to be able to report in a  creative way what  inspires me.

When I attended a catholic school as a grade one student, I had the great pleasure of having sister Madeline for a teacher.  Sister Madeline was a wonderful artist, and awoke the sleeping artist in me by entertaining our class constanty with  her magic pencil or chalkpiece, forever creating sketches of wonderful  little characters, or special places with lots of details.  It provided a means of escape into another world.  A world of imagination.  I found, though I was very shy, that art could be a form of expression, it was a way of conversing without ever having to say anything.  People began to notice my silent language, and my expressive little pieces and through pats on the back, and encouraging recognition, my confidence began to grow, and it helped me believe that I had something worthwhile to say.   Having a nun for a teacher, who had  passion and conviction for artistic appreciation, was  the beginning or my development as an artist. I hunger for new ideas and inspirations always and  look forward to creative time whenever I can squeeze it in.

In school, I excelled in writing stories and cartoon drawings, and illustration.   Math and Science were never my strong suit, as my passion filled more than one side of my brain.  Through school I was drawn to creative people and learned that reading from books was a great way to find new ways of thinking, and later travel became my certain injection of new concepts, and to be able to share what I have seen and experienced in stories and art work has been my true connection to other people.

Every job that I have ever secured, came to me, because of the development of the artistic side of the brain.  Fortunately I married a science scholarship winner, and I handle the creative things in our life and he looks after the rest.  We have three children, all with varying degrees of artistic and scientific/mathematical abilities.  For that I am grateful.  It is my greatest joy to encourage others to develop the part inside of every one of us, that is hiding just waiting to come out.  I take great pride in seeing people grow even more, by learning to see, to find ways to express themselves, and to follow through with developing their creativity, so that they too can share with the world, that part of all of us that makes us unique and interesting individuals.


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